Welcome to the website of author Domenick Venezia, pilot, fisherman, mechanic, scuba diver, photographer, beekeeper, homebrewer, competitive shooter, coffee roaster, and kayak angler. His broad experience, meticulous research, and ranging mind brings authenticity, accuracy, emotion, and action to his storytelling.

The Linc Malloy Legacies

2021 Chanticleer Fiction Series Finalist in the Global Thriller Awards for High Stakes Fiction

Do No Harm

A Medical Thriller

What started for Dr. Bryce Blanchard as a desperate act to save his daughter, spirals wildly out of control. One despairing patient leads to another and another. On the run, besieged by media, desperate patients and parents, and doggedly pursued by a relentless big-pharma CEO, Bryce is about to come clean when an unforeseen side effect changes everything.

2020 Chanticleer Book Reviews Global Thrillers Finalist
2020 Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Finalist

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About Domenick

I have too many words and not enough time. My childhood was spent roaming the forests of my beautiful and rugged, home state of Washington. The How & Why Wonder Books ignited my interest in everything, and to my folks’ chagrin, filled my room with collections of rocks, fossils, leaves, insects, snakes, chipmunks, dinosaurs, mushrooms, and pond scum. I read whatever I could lay my hands on, comics, literature, scifi, even the Encyclopedia Americana. I think I got all the way to ‘L’ before I discovered girls.

I still tend to learn about life the hard way. At five, a bobby pin in the electrical outlet. At ten, check the rope before you swing out over the ravine. At seventeen, don’t watch girls from a motorcycle, or you may rear-end a car and fly like superman. Somehow, I managed to survive it all without breaking a bone until my neck as a full-fledged adult.

All this and more goes into my writing. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.