Welcome to the website of author Domenick Venezia who had five complete novels—a quartet of Linc Malloy Action/Adventures and a medical thriller—before he paused long enough to publish.

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About Domenick

I have too many words and not enough time. My childhood was spent roaming the forests of my beautiful and rugged, home state of Washington. The How & Why Wonder Books ignited my interest in everything, and to my folks’ chagrin, filled my room with collections of rocks, fossils, leaves, insects, snakes, chipmunks, dinosaurs, mushrooms, and pond scum. I read whatever I could lay my hands on, comics, literature, scifi, even the Encyclopedia Americana. I think I got all the way to ‘L’ before I discovered girls.

I still tend to learn about life the hard way. At five, a bobby pin in the electrical outlet. At ten, check the rope before you swing out over the ravine. At seventeen, don’t watch girls from a motorcycle, or you may rear-end a car and fly like superman. Somehow, I managed to survive it all without breaking a bone until my neck as a full-fledged adult.

All this and more goes into my writing. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.