Angel’s Legacy

Author’s Notes & Abbreviated Sources

Just Aircraft SuperSTOL
If you don’t believe a small Short-Take-Off-and-Landing designed plane can perform as described in the story, check out these videos. There are several STOL contests around the world every year. Distances measured in mere feet.
Lone Star State STOL Competition
ValdezAlaska STOL Competition

Maya versus Mayan
To English readers, Mayan may sound like the appropriate adjective to describe the artifacts of the Maya Civilization. The experts say otherwise. Unless referring specifically to the Mayan Language the appropriate adjective is always Maya. Go figure.

Transparent aluminum is not just a Star Trek fantasy. It exists!

A fine mezcal

Guatemalan volcanos:
Volcán de Fuego
Volcán de Agua

Container ships are fascinating behemoths

Vessel tracking:
Loading containers
Container’s journey from point of origin to destination

Fish hits plane:
Alaska Air Blog
USA Today

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