The Edwerd Chronicles

Eight Slightly Weird Short Stories

2021 Chanticleer (CIBA) First Place for Short Story Collections

These eight slightly weird short stories start with “The Damnedest Thang.” It sets the basis for a series of rather weird stories about an odd boy and his little sister. This story wrote itself one summer night in 2014 while I slept. At the time, I was writing my first novel, Liberator Legacy. I have no idea where this short story came from, though it bears vague resemblance to a story I wrote in my youth. When I awoke at 2 am this story was fully written in my head. Two hours later, I had 2500 words. It was the damnedest thang. Try reading it very slowly and aloud. Part of the fun here is the drawl, though it does fade in subsequent stories.

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