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  • Profanity! October 30, 2022
    Profanity!I am not a prude—just wanted to get that out at the start.I am a sexually liberated, unabashedly enthusiastic, straight male, and have the scars to prove it (but that's another story). I admit my private, personal conversations among adult friends and some family are laced with a bit of profanity. It's a natural part […]
  • A germ of an idea. October 18, 2022
    Where do ideas come from?The original idea for my first novel, Liberator Legacy came from a solo coast to coast to coast to coast to coast (west-east-S.Florida-gulf-west) flight I took in my tiny airplane. Alone at 7500 feet, cruising a slow 120 mph, you have plenty of time to think. However, during that flight I […]
  • Pursuit of Plausibility October 10, 2022
    As I mentioned in my first post, in pursuit of plausible reality I do my homework. I am a learning machine and for me research is one of the joys of writing. On a chill spring Pacific Northwest morning at Paine Field, Everett, WA, as research for my first novel, Liberator Legacy , I boarded […]


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