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  • Here come da judge May 24, 2023
    In 2017, I submitted my first three novels to the Clive Cussler Collector's Society Adventure Writers Competition. All three advanced to the top ten. One advanced into the top three finalists. (Yes, briefly tooting my own horn). Shortly thereafter I was invited to be an AWC judge.AWC gets 60-150 entries a year. You can read […]
  • Author's First Draft April 16, 2023
    Since my last entry months ago, I buckled down and banged out my Author's First Draft of my yet to be titled seventh entry in the Linc Malloy Action Thrillers Series, finalist in the 2021 Chanticleer Fiction Series Award Finalist for Global Thriller and High Stakes Fiction. This was a hard write. In other stories, […]
  • Profanity! October 30, 2022
    Profanity!I am not a prude—just wanted to get that out at the start.I am a sexually liberated, unabashedly enthusiastic, straight male, and have the scars to prove it (but that's another story). I admit my private, personal conversations among adult friends and some family are laced with a bit of profanity. It's a natural part […]
  • A germ of an idea. October 18, 2022
    Where do ideas come from?The original idea for my first novel, Liberator Legacy came from a solo coast to coast to coast to coast to coast (west-east-S.Florida-gulf-west) flight I took in my tiny airplane. Alone at 7500 feet, cruising a slow 120 mph, you have plenty of time to think. However, during that flight I […]
  • Pursuit of Plausibility October 10, 2022
    As I mentioned in my first post, in pursuit of plausible reality I do my homework. I am a learning machine and for me research is one of the joys of writing. On a chill spring Pacific Northwest morning at Paine Field, Everett, WA, as research for my first novel, Liberator Legacy , I boarded […]
  • Yet another ***** blog October 1, 2022
    The world needs another blog like it needs more conflict and mayhem. Yet here I am, casting my rambling voice into the cacophony. I’m an author, among many other things, and the world expects me to have things to say—so say them, I will. Why do readers read an author’s blog? I don’t know. Perhaps, […]

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